Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to William Haks-Thyessen and its group companies (collectively, “William Haks”, “we”, or “us”). This notice explains what information we collect or process about you and how we use it when you interact with our services, products, and websites.

Collected & Transmitted Information

William Haks-Thyessen automatically collects and transmits data about your use of our products or services. This data may include:

  • User contact information, email address and passwords;
  • Software License status, license information, license ID and license usage;
  • Hostname and/or Product, services and websites configuration settings.

How We Use Your Information

The information we collect is used to:

  • Providing, enabling and optimizing the performance of our products, services and websites;
  • License administration;
  • Internal research and development, including improving our products, services and websites; and/or
  • Statistical analysis of product deployment, including analysis of trends.

We may use your information to send you promotional content, such as newsletters or product updates, but only if you give us your permission. We will always comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding marketing communications.

If you contact us for technical support, any information you provide will be used exclusively to diagnose and resolve your issue. This may include performing error analysis to identify the root cause of the problem.

How We Use Your Information (For Users in the US, EEA and UK)

If you’re located in the United States (US), European Economic Area (EEA) or the United Kingdom (UK), the legal grounds we rely on to collect and use your information depend on the specific data and how we use it.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Consent: In some cases, we’ll ask for your explicit permission to collect your information.
  • Contract Fulfillment: Sometimes, we need your information to fulfill a contract with you (e.g., providing a service you requested).
  • Legitimate Interests: We may use your information for our legitimate business purposes, but only if those interests don’t conflict with your privacy rights.
  • Legal Obligations: Occasionally, the law may require us to collect certain information from you.

Where We Store Your Information

The information we collect through our products, services and websites may be stored and processed in:

  • Our datacenter Microsoft Corporation, Amazon AWS and Inmotion Hosting, US-based.
  • Our facilities around the world.
  • The locations of our service providers in the UE and US.

Data Transfers

If you’re located in the European Economic Area (EEA), we take extra care to protect your information when it’s transferred outside the EEA. We do this by:

  • Storing it in countries approved by the European Commission for their strong data protection laws.
  • Using strict legal agreements (Standard Contractual Clauses) or other approved methods to ensure your information remains protected.

Who We Share Your Information With

We at William Haks-Thyessen are committed to protecting your privacy. We do not sell, rent, lease, or disclose your information to other businesses or third parties for marketing purposes.

How We Share Your Information

As a global company, we may need to transfer your information within William Haks-Thyessen to provide our products and services. This information will be stored and processed securely using our global systems and tools. Only authorized William Haks-Thyessen employees and contractors will have access to your information, and they can only use it for the purposes described in our “How We Use Your Information” section.

Sharing with Service Providers:

To help us deliver our products and services, we may share your information with trusted partners and vendors who process data on our behalf. We take steps to ensure these partners have strong data protection practices in place.

Security Collaboration:

In some cases, we may share limited information with security researchers and software vendors to help improve our overall security posture and protect users from emerging threats. This information may include data collected through our products and services, or details you provide during technical support interactions. We will only share the minimum information necessary to achieve these goals.

Important Information:

  • In some cases, we may be required by law to disclose your personal information to government officials.
  • We may also need to share your information with legal or financial professionals to get advice on important matters.
  • As our business evolves, we may choose to buy or sell assets. In these situations, customer information is typically transferred as part of the deal.
  • If William Haks-Thyessen is acquired, goes out of business, or experiences a change in control, your information may be transferred to a new owner. We will always try to notify you in advance of such events and explain your options.

Keeping Your Information Safe

We take your privacy seriously and are committed to protecting your information. We use a variety of security measures to achieve this, including:

  • Organizational safeguards: We have clear policies and procedures in place to protect your information.
  • Technical safeguards: We use strong encryption and other security technologies to keep your information safe.
  • Physical safeguards: We control access to our physical facilities and systems to prevent unauthorized access.

These security measures are designed to be consistent with international best practices for data protection.

Important for Businesses Sharing User Data

If you provide William Haks-Thyessen with personal information about your users or other third parties, you’re responsible for making sure it complies with the data privacy laws in your area. This means:

  • Being Transparent: You need to inform users or third parties that their information is being shared with us.
  • Explaining Use: Let them know how their information will be used by William Haks-Thyessen.
  • Getting Consent: Make sure you have the proper permissions from users or third parties before sharing their information.

Essentially, we’re relying on you to handle user privacy responsibly before sharing their data with us.

Working with Law Enforcement

William Haks-Thyessen may, when required by law, cooperate with legal proceedings or inquiries from law enforcement or other government agencies related to your use of our product, services and websites. This means we may disclose relevant documents and information if we receive a court order, search warrant, or other legal request.

Controlling Your Information (Accesing, Updating, Correcting or Deleting)

You have options for managing your information:

  • View and Update: You can access and edit much of your information through your account.
  • Get a Copy: Request a copy of the information we have about you.
  • Make Changes: Ask us to correct, delete, or transfer your information to another company.
  • Object to Processing: In some cases, you can limit how we use your information, like for automated decision-making.
  • Withdraw Consent: If you previously gave us permission to use your information, you can take it back anytime.

We may need to keep certain information for legal reasons.

Updates to This Privacy Notice

We may occasionally update this notice to reflect changes in our practices or the law. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Clear Notice: We’ll prominently announce any changes on this website before they take effect.
  • Your Rights Protected: If the changes significantly impact how we use your personal information, we’ll notify you and potentially give you a chance to opt-out (depending on the law).

Want to Know More?

Have questions about this notice or William Haks-Thyessen’s privacy practices? Contact us at [email protected]. If you have questions about the specific legal basis for collecting your data, feel free to contact us using the information in the “Contact Us” section.