Cyber Security
Products by Industry

Everyone in every industry has a role to play in safeguarding sensitive data. William Haks-Thyssen offers the best-in-class solutions and products to protect your information, files, and your customers’ data.


Cybersecurity is paramount for banks to safeguard their treasure trove of sensitive financial data.

Oil, gas and energy

Securely transfer files between locations with our products and safeguard your files with confidence.


Streamline your factory with software and cybersecurity solutions. Secure your information.


Construction goes digital and demands action! Secure your business with robust cybersecurity solutions.

Higher education

Implement strong access controls to safeguard your data. Cybersecurity is essential in the Higher Education Industry.

Retail & Whosale

Retailers and wholesalers are prime targets for cyberattacks due to the wealth of valuable data they handle.


Telecom cybersecurity is essential for protecting the backbone of our communication networks.


Healthcare cybersecurity is crucial. Learn more about protecting patient data and medical systems.

Travel & transportation

As the transportation industry relies more on technology, cyber attacks pose a growing threat.


Share Sensitive Data Securely: We provides the most secure platform for exchanging confidential information.

Professional services

Safeguard your valuable data and gain a competitive edge! Companies handling sensitive data are prime targets.


A data breach at an insurance company can expose customer information, disrupt operations, and damage trust.