Protect Your Data: Get powerful tools to safeguard your information against cyber threats.

Encript PGP

Leader in PGP Encryption. Ensure Data Privacy with PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) Encryption. Automate Secure File Encryption with ENCRIPT PGP.

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Fast and Secure Authentication with Facial Recognition. Enable Fast and Secure Authentication with Facial Recognition and Liveness Detection.

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Empower Smarter Decisions with Real Artificial Intelligence. Use Thyessen.AI to Gain a Competitive Edge in your market.

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Certificates PGP

Secure Your Files with Military-Grade Encryption PGP cipher based. Effortlessly Encrypt/decrypt your files with your public and private keys.

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Leading U.S. law firms, lawyers, and corporate legal departments use Attornesys® to manage legal cases such as litigation, legal strategies, compliance ….

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Online platform to manage the registration and inventory of your trademarks and patents. Today is an excellent day to globalize and protect your businesses.

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Our Background Check Technology is the Market Leader in the U.S. for Facilitating Compliance and Due Diligence. Complement your risk assessment processes.

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Cloud Backup

Safeguard Your Data with the #1 Backup and Recovery Software for Microsoft Office 365. All-in-One Backup Service for All Microsoft Services. Cloud Backup and Ransomware Recovery.

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We provide a platform, a customizable web portal, and legal templates for creating your privacy policies, cookie management, personal data request forms, and more. Privacy as a Service Software.

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