William Haks-Thyessen® Acquires Encript®, a Software Encryption Leader

William Haks-Thyessen® is pleased to announce that it successfully completed the acquisition of Encript PGP in the last week of October 2023. Encript PGP and its respective services, warranties, and support have been part of the confidentiality, digital security, legal compliance, encryption, and information protection service offerings of Identity del Perú S.A. (recently acquired by the Brazilian Group, Soluti Digital). Encript PGP will be managed by William Haks-Thyessen starting this month.

William Haks-Thyessen® is a high-tech company for the development of Cybersecurity, Cyberdefense, and Compliance solutions that operates in the United States, EMEA, and Asia; it recently opened operations in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, and for 2024, after the acquisition of Encript PGP, it plans to enter the Peruvian market hand in hand with the well-earned prestige of this product. Encript PGP is already available in Central American and Caribbean countries, confirmed Miguel Robertson, Director of Global Strategy for William Haks-Thyessen (WLLHKS) from his offices in Seattle, Washington.

With this acquisition, William Haks-Thyessen (WLLHKS) plans to consolidate its offering and leadership in Regulatory Technology solutions for Large organizations in Latin America.


  • Encript PGP is a data security solution that offers encryption, confidentiality, and digital security services.
  • William Haks-Thyessen is a cybersecurity company that provides solutions for compliance, cyberdefense, and information protection.
  • The acquisition of Encript PGP will allow William Haks-Thyessen to expand its offerings into the Latin America market and consolidate its leadership in the region.